Sunday, September 16, 2018

Backyard BBQ Tablescape...Mixing Bowls Cookbook Club July 2018

I hosted my cookbook club back in July. I chose backyard BBQ favorites, but since it was way too hot to be outside, I set my kitchen and dining room tables accordingly!

Here was what it looked like as I began to pull things for the tablescapes. No - the blues don't match perfectly, but I don't worry so much about that anymore. You know how the cool girl with great taste always looks like she just threw her outfit together? That's what I'm going for these days! 

A white tablecloth is the base for my red, white, and blue table scarf. I made these years ago for a cookout. I often place fabric like this on the diagonal so it looks a little more casual, and it covers more real estate.

I have two of these runners. I got them for a couple of bucks each on clearance at Hobby Lobby after July 4th on year. The flag print was very busy, so I wanted to tame it a little. Yes, you can use stripes and prints together. Just keep works!

I had to hit every Walmart in town one summer to get a dozen of the navy blue placemats. It's hard to tell, but the chargers are silver. 

I pulled out my everyday wedding dishes for this dinner. I have been using another pattern I got at a thrift store for everyday since I didn't want to put undue daily stress on these. I fall in love with them every time I use them! The pattern is "White Satin" by Nikko. 

I made the napkins years ago, as well. I have two dozen in varying patterns. I used contrasting napkins with the table scarves. The flatware is my wedding everday pattern - "Austen" by Yamazaki.

The flag is actually meant to hang, but it's slate and extremely heavy, so I've never risked it. I just propped it under the floral arrangement in the dining room since that table is larger in the middle. Mason jar candles came from Michael's this past Spring.

Here's an aerial view of the dining room table. The blue stems are "Gibraltar" by Libbey.

I picked up a $5 bouquet of sunflowers from Walmart. The rest came from my yard.

A complete view of the dining room table.

These blue tumblers are also "Gibraltar" by Libbey. Here you can see the mosaic glass rose bowls I used for the floral arrangements. One was cracked, so I set a smaller vase inside of it so the water wouldn't leak.

Placesetting view in the kitchen.

Full view of the kitchen table.

We had a wonderful meal that was made even more enjoyable because of the great company. We all enjoyed our cool and comfortable "indoor barbecue"!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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