Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bug Juice Punch

You have to have punch at a party. It's a rule. So - I was looking for a fun "boy" punch, and I found the perfect thing...Bug Juice Punch! Here's what we served for Brack's 12th Birthday party.

TIP - I love these labels. As you can see above, they're $3.99, but I got them when all the chalkboard stuff was half off at Hobby Lobby. I figured they'd be a one and done kinda thing, but I have used them three or four times now, and haven't had to throw them out! Gotta love that!

The recipe for the punch is simple. However, let me say that I wanted to buy lime sherbet. BTW - everybody calls it sherBERT, but it's actually sherBET. Who knew? Anyway, green would have made a prettier punch, but they didn't have any at Walmart that day.

I brought home all my juices and put them in the fridge a couple of days before the party. They were ice cold that night!

I used a small scoop to drop the sherbet into the bottom of the container. Next I added half the pineapple juice (be sure to shake it really good before opening it), half the Hawaiian punch and half the ginger ale.

By the way, these "Mason jar" dispensers are the perfect size - one gallon. I have a couple that hold two or three gallons each. They're great at Halloween or Thanksgiving, but since I was serving two beverages, these were just right. And did I mention they were $5 each at Walmart? I got them last summer, but they still have them.

The ice cream melted a little when the juice hit it, so I stirred it and let it sit for about 5 minutes. It was the perfect consistency and came out of the spout with no trouble!

TIP - Mix and match your sherbet flavors and Hawaiian punches for difference colored punches.

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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