Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Miss Manners Mexican Fiesta Party

Nancy hosted our latest Miss Manners party at her home a couple of weeks ago. Her theme was "Mexican Fiesta"!

A cute little bull pinata was the centerpiece and set the tone for her color scheme. Even with those eyes and a ring in his nose, it's hard to take him seriously with his coat of many colors!

The tablecloth and bandana add lots of fun color. These are the same ones she used for her Peace, Love, and Miss Manners 60's themed party last year, although they look completely different!

She added a colorful-Mexican inspired napkin and paper plate as a charger.

She made the cute little straw toppers on her computer. She's pretty crafty!

She takes good care of her paper flowers, and like her collected set of paper lanterns, they show up very often, but always look so fresh!

"Belvedere" the butler, even got the Mexican treatment. She used two napkins to make his poncho, then added a paper mustache and a sombrero!

Her daughter, Haley, took care of the chalkboard, as usual!

Here's a wider view. Doesn't it scream, "Fiesta"!?!

The kitchen table was set for the mentors and a few mamas, as well. Love the colorful flag garland!

Maracas and a centerpiece made of homemade gummy candy sticks finished off the table.

These were so cute! The girls took them home as party favors.

The mamas had some special snacks in the kitchen.

All of the food was labeled in Spanish!

Bandanas are so versatile and easy to use in decorating!

Here's the girls' buffet in the dining room. It was a build-your-own-nachos bar.

She had chips...

and queso...

meat, cheese and lettuce...

various toppings...

And a yummy punch that the girls loved.

Before we ate, we had our lesson. We talked about the difference between "fiesta" and "siesta". We discussed how we need to get our rest in order to be the best daughter, friend, student, etc. We also reviewed the basics of how to behave when you have a buffet meal.

When it was time to eat, they patiently lined up and used their best manners!

The nacho bar was a huge hit!

They love spending time with their friends. It's so fun to hear them talk. They're so careful about remembering what they've learned, despite how excited they are about the awesome party atmosphere!

They feel like such big girls!

For dessert, Nancy ordered sopapillas from the local Mexican restaurant. They stayed perfectly crispy and the girls dressed them to order.

Doesn't that look yummy?!

Laura thinks so!

For our craft, we made these cute little hanging projects called "eye of God". They remind me of dream catchers.

I worked with Chloe on starting hers. She is a hummer...she hummed the whole time she was working. So sweet!

The girls love doing crafts.

They're so proud of their work!

These sisters worked well together...

The rain stopped just long enough for us to go outside (thankfully) for pinata time!

The girls each got one good lick in before it broke.

These girls have great arms!

Nancy's husband, Dennis, got in on a little of the fun!

As usual, Nancy did a great job with this party! I'm up again in August. Wonder what I'll do? I'm already working on it, but I'm not telling yet! You'll have to check back in to see!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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