Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Corn Bisque

It's raining out today, and that just makes me hungry for soup. Know what I mean? I know I still owe you a couple of posts about food from Mother's Day, but I thought I'd jump ahead and give you this soup recipe. We have rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. You've got plenty of time to make and enjoy this delicious soup!

Gerald's parents came for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. I know they like to eat light at night, and we should too, so I made us a pot of corn bisque and a pan of bacon and cheddar scones. Umm, Umm, good. 

I found this recipe in Southern Living nearly a decade ago, and I have changed it a little over time. I first made it at the beach and added fresh crab meat. Yep. It was amazing. I still add canned flaked crab meat from time to time, but this time, since we had bacon in the scones, I left it vegetarian.

Begin by heating two tablespoons of EVOO over medium heat. Add two stalks of celery and a large onion, both chopped. I season every layer lightly instead of waiting until the end. Saute until translucent.

Add four cloves of minced garlic near the end. Saute for one minute or until you smell the garlic.

Add six level tablespoons of flour and stir until the veggies are well coated. Cook (stirring constantly) for about three minutes on medium-low heat to cook the flour.

Add six cups of chicken broth. Using a whisk, make sure all the flour is dissolved into the broth, then gradually bring to a boil.

Add three tubes of thawed frozen creamed corn. I usually use two tubes of yellow corn and one of white, but all Walmart had the other day was white. Turned out just as good! After adding the corn, simmer on low for about 15 minutes.

Using an immersion blender, puree the soup. Be very careful - it's so hot!

The recipe calls for heavy cream. I forgot to buy it, so I just used half and half. It was fine. Also add six tablespoons of sherry. I used Marsala instead. A friend had given me a bottle to make Carabba's Chicken Marsala. As usual - I used what I had on hand.

Stir well over low heat.

You can still see a little of the celery, but it's not chunky by any means. This is fine.

I sprinkled the soup with a few chives from my herb garden. The scones have chives in them, so it was nice to repeat the subtle flavor.

This is so creamy and naturally sweet from the corn. I usually serve breadsticks or garlic bread with this, but the scones were a delicious side. I'll share the recipe for them soon!

This soup tastes like summer, and there are so many things you can add to it! Crab meat is great, but so is shrimp. I've never tried it, but you could probably add shredded chicken as well. Give it a try soon!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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