Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Building A Tablescape - The How and Why

I was going through my stuff pulling out things for a couple of upcoming tablescapes, and I decided I'd show you how I put my tables together. However, the really important thing I want to share with you is in the last paragraph. I hope you'll keep reading.

First the how...

In several of my posts lately, I've done a step-by-step pictorial of how I put it together. You can see how I designed a romantic table for two here. Here's how our last St. Patrick's Day came together. Here's the link for building a fun Christmas tablescape for kids.

I'm starting to think about Mother's Day, and so I pulled out a few things to see how they looked together. I think the pink and brown above is very feminine, don't you? We'll see how it turns out!

I'm putting together a table for Cinco de Mayo later this week. Here's how that's looking. I feel like it's missing something, but I'm not sure what yet.

Having everything together helps when planning a tablescape. I keep all my napkins rolled and tied with twine. I keep them, along with placemats, in an antique chest of drawers I inherited from my grandmother.

TIP - I've told you before to wash all of your napkins each time you use them, even if you didn't use all of them. This helps them to age evenly.

TIP - Rolling napkins keeps them from setting permanent folds and creases. It also actually allows you to store more in one place!

Tableclothes are hung in my guest bedroom closet.

Here is one of my stemware storage areas. I can't begin to show you my plate storage as I have things in china cabinets, kitchen cabinets, in closets, and under beds! I have four china cabinets around the house. I even have a couple of tubs full of stuff in the garage.

My collection is extensive, but remember - I find most of it at yard sales and thrift shops. And I USE it. I would feel guilty having all this if I didn't use things. 

Plan a special dinner soon. Doesn't have to be a fancy or extravagant menu. Pull out what you have and find something to use. Mix it up! I love mixing different patterns. It makes it more interesting!

Here's a tablesetting I did several years ago using my wedding china. It's pretty, but a little boring. I think I'll remake this setting soon and see how I can liven it up!

Now the why...

But my point is this...USE YOUR STUFF! Your family is worth the time and effort. Dust off your wedding china and feed your family on it! Use that as a chance to tell them about your engagement and the fun you had choosing everything. (Remember how fun it was, ladies?!) Tell them about your wedding ceremony and even pull out some pictures. Linger at the table. Make aome memories. It will make for a wonderful dinner that you'll all remember for a long time. 

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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