Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring Bunnies

I told you back in March how I scored big after Christmas by finding a couple of hutches on Craigslist. As I was hanging the green for St. Patrick's Day, I decided it would be fun to see how many different ways I could decorate this blank canvas of a neutral putty gray hutch and my white dish collection. During April, it's decked out for Easter and just chock full of cute little bunnies!

The "bunny bottoms" garland came from Hobby Lobby last year, but I think I've seen it there recently. 

The bunny dishes also came from Hobby Lobby (last year) and were featured on my 2016 Easter tablescape.

The green cabbage plates showed up last month on my St. Paddy's Day tablescape. I thought with all the brown, white, and gray, a little color was needed.

The two white creamers are recent purchases from my favorite thrift store. They were $1 each!  

Here's a good, full view. Yep, the walls are still red. Spring Break didn't happen exactly as planned... 

I've had these big bunnies for years. I think they came from Big Lots over 15 years ago.

This big mama rabbit is watching her babies under glass. Again - going for a little green (and wood) to break up all the white.

I ordered this set of preserved boxwood wreaths a couple of years ago. Every month I spray them lightly with water. They're still alive! Sometimes I hang them on my glass French doors, but this month, they're tucked in with all the white to add a pop of color.

The gravy boat above is also a recent thrift store find. $3 for a beautiful little piece that's covered in raised daisies.

These brown bunnies came from Hobby Lobby last year. I have four. I split them up and tucked them in different places.

Another bunny plate and boxwood wreath adding color to my everyday dishes, "White Satin" by Nikko.

I won this teapot as a doorprize years ago playing Bunco at Melissa Lester's home. Man, I miss those days!

You're seeing a little of the unpainted top of the china hutch, but that's OK! These little bunnies found a great place to rest on top of my green cake stand. These are several years old, too.

And yes, those are green birds, not bunnies, but it is up top and I was looking for more color to add. Birds and bunnies are friends, right?

I love, love, LOVE this hutch. I'm already making plans for May. And June. And July...

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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