Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Miss Manners County Fair Party

I'm still trying to get caught up on all my blogging. Today we're going back to last September when Nancy and I kicked off our 2016-17 Miss Manners season with a County Fair-themed party at her home. As usual, she did a FANTASTIC job with all the decorations!

Her daughter, Haley, dropped by to help, including decorating the chalkboard in the dining room. Probably took her all of two minutes!

A red gingham tablecloth anchored the tablesetting. Colorful 12"x12" chevron scrapbook paper served as placemats. Paper baskets served as plates.

Each placesetting had a popcorn bag containing tickets. These tickets were used on the "midway" for games, and then the girls used the popcorn bags to hold their prizes.

Colorful tissue paper and fabric flags (recycled from her grandson's birthday party) anchored the tables.

The colors were all so fun and vibrant!

Nancy is so modest, but I'll brag on her. She has won dozens upon dozens of ribbons for her submissions to the Alabama State Fair in food, crafting and sewing. She pulled a few out to use as decorations.


The girls loved the apple punch. It was crisp, cool and delicious!

Haystacks made a sweet dessert.

You can't have a fair without popcorn and caramel apples, right?

Hot dogs were the perfect choice for our main course. Everyone got to fix their own.

The craft du jour was an award ribbon. Each girl made their own ribbon and then wrote in what they "win" at. Obviously, Nancy wins at crafting!

The supplies for the craft were as pretty as the finished product!

Nancy tied the bows ahead of time but allowed each girl to choose her own trailing ribbons and buttons.

Cute and colorful buttons were the perfect finishing touch.

Many of these young ladies also attend our Summer Sewing School, so they know their way around crafting!

Our mentors (young ladies who have completed the Miss Manners program) helped some of the younger girls with the detailed work.

Outside, her patio was turned into a midway!

Nancy takes good care of her paper lanterns and has collected quite a few of them!

Colorful signs were made on her computer.

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

Who doesn't love trying to win prizes?

Luckily, these goldfish don't need a bowl or daily feeding!

More fabric flags made the area festive.

Ring toss game.

Get the ping pong ball in the bucket to win a prize!

Rubber duck game.

Pumpkin toss.

We wrapped up the party with our Miss Manners lesson. We talked about winning and losing and how to make sure we have the right attitude no matter what!

I love working with these young ladies! And I love working with Nancy, too. She's so creative!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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