Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017 Tablescape

I just love it when I start with just a little seed of an idea, and then things just sort of fall into place all by themselves, don't you? I really love my Easter tablesetting this year. Last year was all about the bunnies, and they all showed up again this year in my buffet decorations.

This year "Easter eggs" is my theme. Let me walk you through it. 

Above is a quick look at the whole thing.

I began with this tablecloth I made a few years ago for a Miss Manners party. You can see it here. I had bought the material for pillow shams for Jewell's room, but never got around to them. I still absolutely love this pattern. Who knows what it may become next! It reminds me of watercolors and dyed eggs. 

My wicker chargers are perfect for this tablesetting. They ground all the swirly pastels and add a touch of nature. Perfect for Easter! You can see other ways I've used them here for Valentine's Day and here as a layer in last year's Easter tablescape.

I was going to say that these plates are my latest acquisition, but that's not true. I stopped on the way home from TKD today and found some pretty white ones and some blue glass ones at the local thrift shop! I'm telling have to check in often. 

These are only a few weeks old though. Mama, Jewell and I had lunch at the lake a few Fridays ago, and we stopped at the thrift store. I found these plates for $1 each. They are "Heritage" by Pfaltzgraff. I love white plates, and use my everyday wedding pattern all the time. However, I've gotten a few chips on a few lately, and I want to give them a little rest. So when I found these, I snatched them up.

I got nine plates at $1 each. I got home and was putting them in the dishwasher and thought, why didn't I get everything they had? So I jumped in the car and ran back up. I got there five minutes before closing, but I got about a dozen salad plates at .50 each and a dozen or so cups and saucers for .35 a set! These are heavy, but I love them.  

I picked up these pretty pastel canape plates at Hobby Lobby this year when they were 40% off. I think they're normally $4.99 each. I chose one in each color: pink, blue, green, and yellow.

I found these little bird's nests a few years ago, and they've been sitting in my craft closet just waiting to be used!

I always keep a bag or so of moss to put around small potted plants. This comes from Dollar Tree. They carry it year round.

I was beginning to see a theme, so I ran back to Hobby Lobby the next time I was in town and got these eggs. Used my 40% off coupon, of course.

Tuck just a little moss in the nest...

Add three of the smaller eggs...

And there you go! They're the perfect size to fit on the little canape plates!

As you know, stemware is also a weakness of mine. I had several things that could have matched, but I thought these vintage blue stems stood out against the tablecloth. The pattern is "Virginia" by Fostoria.

I added the coffee cup and saucer for a little more white on the table.

You've seen these vintage white napkins before. I have to admit, I don't use them a lot because I don't want to deal with lipstick or coffee stains on them, but they were perfect for this setting.

My everyday flatware is "Austen" by Yamazaki.

I also picked up two of these "moss covered eggs in a basket" at hobby Lobby this year. (Admission - I pass by Hobby Lobby at least twice a week and can't stand to think of not using that 40% off coupon I can easily pull up on my phone!) I know I'll use these next year for decorating.

I didn't have any flowers ready for cutting, but I did have a little bit of white begonias left over from my annual planting I did last weekend. I placed them in this white gravy boat. After we finish dinner tonight, I'll move them into a pot outside.

I like cut flowers, but I also love using what I have! I love begonias, and besides the white flowers, the foliage has a little reddish-pink tint to it.

This is where things just started falling into place. I had forgotten I even had these until Gerald got down my Easter decorations from the attic. They're the exact same colors as the canape plates I bought!

I got them a few years ago off the dollar aisles at the front of Target. I can't believe I only paid $2.50 for them!

These ceramic egg ornaments came from Dollar General one year, but after Easter, so I think they were like 75% off the $1.50 price.

All my colors are there!

Another view...

And another from above.

I love this tablesetting! It's so cheerful and springy! We hosted Easter yesterday, and this table was already set. We ended up moving everything away except the tablecloth and several people sat there. I put it all back together last night when I cleaned up. We'll have our family Easter meal tonight and then I'll pack this away. 

My bunnies will hang around a couple more weeks until I change them out for a May theme. I've already got an idea for what I'm going to do. Anyone want to guess?

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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