Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Build Your Own "Square Pizza" Party and Sleepover

Square pizza, you ask? But I see round pans. Read on...

There are two main considerations when hosting a sleepover for teenage girls. 1) What to feed them. 2) How to keep them entertained. Over the years, I've learned two more things. 1) They generally eat more than boys their age. 2) Leave them alone and they'll generally entertain themselves!

We have a lot of sleepovers for the kids. Between homeschooling and living out in the sticks, we want the kids to have plenty of time to be with their friends. Finding ideas to feed them is always a challenge.

From way back, our family has enjoyed making homemade pizza. In fact, we refer to it as "square pizza". Why? Pizza is generally round, but when we make it at home, we make it in jelly roll pans. I know. They're rectangular. But when Brack dubbed them "square", he was about three years old and to him, anything not round was square! We still refer to it as square pizza, and in fact, they've requested it as a meal for their sleepover at the lake this weekend!

I make my sauce and pizza dough ahead of time. Each kid gets a metal pie plate to make their pizza.

I set out tons of toppings for them to choose from and let them go to town!

I have a double oven so I'm able to cook them all at once. Everyone loves making their own pizzas! I guarantee you, this was the quietest they were the whole sleepover. Check back soon for my recipes for homemade pizza sauce and dough.

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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