Monday, March 6, 2017

"Going Green" for St. Patrick's Day

Happy March! Things have been warm around here for a while already - we only had maybe two or three days of winter! - but now everything is starting to green up! Trees and flowers are blooming, and it got me so excited, that I decided to add a little green inside, too!

You all know I have a problem with china and glassware, particularly colored stemware. In fact, here's a laugh! We had a water main to break last week in our neck of the woods, and we were without water for about 12 hours. We couldn't take showers, so Gerald decided to work from home. As he was helping me load the dishwasher after lunch, he said something like, "This could be a problem if we can't wash dishes soon. They're starting to pile up." I agreed they might indeed pile up, but I sheepishly assured him we could survive a month or more with all the dishes and glasses I have!

Back during Christmas, I happened to go on Craig's List one day looking for an old china cabinet that I could paint. I happened to find a lady about 30 minutes from our home who was closing up her antique shop. I got this china cabinet and one more for a total of $200! My Christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket! Gerald and I went and picked them up, and I couldn't be happier with them. They are perfect! They give me so much more room to store and display things, and I didn't have to even touch them! The colors and finishes are perfect for my home.

I moved my old china cabinet and hutch to the laundry room. I'll show you that soon. I decided to put all of my whitewear in the new cabinet next to the kitchen table. The picture directly above is it with just the plain white dishes. Nothing special, but it has so much potential! I bought some battery operated mini potlights at Costco to shine a little light on things. 

Here you see it once I "hung the green"! I added the apple green salad plates ("Rise" by Rachel Ray) that I bought for St. Patrick's Day last year. You can see that tablesetting here. It is one of my all-time favorites!

The counter is wider on this cabinet than my old one. I added a couple of trays to corral things, but still have plenty of room for serving if needed. It also has one additional drawer and one more door for extra storage!

The green fabric above is actually a rag-tied wreath I made for St. Patrick's Day last year. I guess I never blogged about it! It was so simple. I'll show you how I did it soon. Last year it hung on the china cabinet. This year I laid it flat underneath the white platter I got for a dollar at a local thrift store last fall! The small white cream pitcher is also new. 25 cents at Goodwill last Saturday!

These little leprechauns under a cloche were the stars of the show last St. Patrick's Day. They can be quite mischievous, so I made sure I had them locked down this year. This one sure would love to get at the gold coins scattered around him! An extra salad plate under the white teapot makes it pop. The napkins are leftover from a party years ago. I always keep extras for emergencies or when there's just the four of us.

I had already added the green ribbon last year to these "Dress Me Up" platters from the Southern Living at Home Collection. I bought these years ago when one of my SIL's was selling it, and I have loved them ever since!

Before March, my apple green cake plate was underneath the white so it didn't show as much. But this month, it gets top billing! 

I made the green, white, and gold ribbon garland last week. I'll show you how I did it soon.

Another leprechaun under glass.

I like to do things in odd numbers. I had one leprechaun left, and Jewell thought it would be cute to stick him in a teacup, as if he had escaped and was hiding!

Brack and I did some thrift shopping last Saturday, and I found this NWT white pitcher by Kate Spade and Lenox for $7. It lists for $60 at Macy's. You just have to keep your eyes open! It will be gorgeous this summer holding hydrangeas.

Aside from the leprechauns, this would also be a great Christmas display with my red wall! I hope, though, to be painting it during Spring Break. We'll see if I can get around to it!

Hope you enjoyed my "going green"!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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  1. I adore how you've decorated your pretty hutch. You've got some very cute St. Paddy's Day decorations!

    1. Thanks! The hutch is such a blank slate. I love to dress it up!