Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 Tablescape

I prepared a special meal for my Sweet Hearts on Valentine's Day. I searched my cabinets and closets and pulled together a "sweet" little tablesetting!

This flower arrangement was my inspiration. I put it together on Saturday night for the Valentine's Banquet our church youth group hosted for the Senior Servants. Shades of red, pink and white literally set the table,,,

Here's an overview of the placesettings. That's my everyday flatware ("Austen" by Yamazaki) and a steak knife.

I'm sure you've heard the old Southern saying, "the higher the hair..." - well, I believe it's true for layering plates, as well! I began with my wicker chargers (which already sit up off the table an inch or so) and then layered on my everyday white dinner plates ("White Satin" by Nikko) and then added something new - the red Kate Spade salad plates. I found them for $1.25 each at Dillards after Christmas. Unfortunately, they only had four!

Next I added the delicate white napkins bound with a wooden napkin ring. The napkin ring repeats the brown from the wicker chargers. I found these old and gorgeous hemstitched napkins years ago at a thrift store for .25 cents each!

I finished off the placesettings with two glasses. The clear stem is a Libby pattern called "Chivalry". I found these at a local thrift store for .25 each. The red hobnail juice glass is by Fenton. I got them off eBay last year. The kids drank milk out of these for dessert.  

The pique print fabric is something I picked up years ago off an end-of-bolt table for a couple of bucks. It was perfect for bringing together my red and pink. I took time to hem it, but I've already got designs on cutting it up for some cute pillow fronts for next year. The little red felt hearts came from Hobby Lobby. 40% off of $2.00!

Scattered white tea lights added a little ambience!

Close up of the floral arrangement. I used the white daisy mums and baby red carnations that were leftover from the table arrangements from the church party. I added pink camellias from a tree outside of the church building for some body and structure. This arrangement sat near a chair in the Fireplace Room where they had their pictures made before entering the banquet.

My crazy-talented friend, Haley Scott, was at church that night working on flowers for a wedding. She gave me a couple of little pieces to add. I think she said these are called "wax flowers". They are so tiny and sweet!  

The salad plates have a touch of orange to them, but they still worked well!

The camellias were really opening and you can see the pretty yellow stamens.

I had some extra hearts so I scattered them on the trays behind the kitchen table. They really pop against the gray and white.

I made 26 of these little nosegay arrangements for the dinner. I gave them all away to the high school and college girls who were helping that night. I knew they'd enjoy them in their rooms. I made it home with one somehow!

Here's a peak at our meal.

And dessert. Recipes are coming up!

I love setting a table for my family, as much as I do for guests we have in our home. It made the evening so special. I know the kids will remember these fun nights when they're grown. Hopefully, they'll do the same for their families one day!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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