Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Tablescape 2016

Yes, Virginia, I'm aware that Christmas is over, but most of my decorations are still up, so therefore, I feel fully justified in sharing this tablescape with you a few days late! 

My inlaws came the day after Christmas and stayed a couple of days. I love to have my parents over when the Joneses are here, so I planned a little impromptu holiday dinner. I think it's neat that the kids can enjoy both sets of Grands at the same time. Besides that - my parents and Gerald's parents really like each other. Win, win!

The "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees had been up since my Miss Manners Gingerbread Christmas party at the beginning of December. I started with my white linen table cloth and then added the red one on top. The reason I did that is because the red cloth is made for a smaller table and I wanted the whole table covered. You really only see the white tablecloth at the ends.

This red cloth is one of my favorites. I got it 75% off at Walmart after Christmas about fifteen years ago! It's screams Christmas, but works great at other times of the year, too, since it doesn't have trees or bells or anything seasonal on it.

The plates are "Happy Holidays" by Nikko. They actually are part of a line that coordinates with my everyday white dishes. I just bought dinner plates and cups and saucers in the Christmas pattern. We use the plain white salad plates and bowls with them. I pull these out each year on the day after Thanksgiving and we use them until New Year's Day.

I only have four of the matching red napkins, so I pulled out the green ones I made for St. Patrick's Day last year. You can see them in a totally different way here. To mix it up a little, I folded the napkin in thirds and placed it under the plate. It just gives it a little extra interest.

The stemware is "Sweet Swirl" in dark green by Noritake.

Under the dinner plate are my gold chargers. Beneath that are these pretty and delicate little "placemats" I got from Dollar Tree last Easter. You can check them out with the bunnies here.

The flatware is "Golden American Chippendale" by FB Rogers. It was a gift to myself a while back.

As I showed you in the post on my Miss Manners Gingerbread Party, I decorated each of these trees with a set of mini lights I got at Dollar Tree. I hid the battery box in a cookie jar for the party. Here it is tucked under a napkin that is casually placed under the tree. They both remind me of Santa's pack!

I finished off with three simple gold patterned votive holders that have appeared several times lately. They're from Dollar Tree, of course. 

Our table was festive in traditional green and red, and we enjoyed not only the meal we shared around it, but the company, too!

So tell the truth - are your Christmas decorations still up? If so, we're both in good company!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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