Saturday, June 4, 2016

Brack's Nerf Party...The Tablescape

Today I'm sharing the tablescape from Brack's Nerf War 11th Birthday Party. The colors were bold and fresh, the decorations were fun and a huge hit with the kids, and the food was super yummy!

Brack got a couple of new Nerf guns for Christmas. He never can find his bullets. (He should look behind the doors, the couch, under the beds. They're there! Trust me!) He got on Amazon and found a pack of 100 bullets for $4.99. They were knock-offs, and they came from China so it took a few weeks for them to arrive. When they got here, he loved them! He said they're actually a little heavier than the real ones, and they go a lot farther! So - a  couple of months before the party, I ordered another 400 of them. (I'm probably on a government watch list somewhere. Seems like I've gotten a lot of things lately on Amazon that ship from China!)

The invitation told the kids to bring their Nerf guns, but no bullets. I provided them and actually sent each kid home with a nice stash of them. I reserved about half of them to fill the clear glass jars for the centerpiece of my tablescape. The eye protection strapped around the jars are actually swim goggles from Dollar Tree.

Besides the bullets, I did all my party shopping at Dollar Tree! I found this blue wrapping paper there in just the perfect shade. I ran the whole roll down the middle of the table. That's my trusty white linen tablecloth underneath. (It did take a pretty bad hit at the party. Someone split mustard on it and thinking they were helping, rubbed it in while trying to clean it off. I found it once everyone left. I sprayed it down really good with Oxyclean and let it sit a couple of hours. After I washed it, it still had a stain, so I filled my laundry sink with cold water and dissolved about a half cup of Oxyclean powder, and let it soak for a couple of days. It's all but gone now!)

Yellow crepe paper and little orange, white and blue zappers (both from Dollar Tree) decorated my light fixture. They aren't Nerf guns, but the colors and shape were right!

The cute orange and blue votive holders also came from Dollar Tree. I'm sure they'll be put to good use come football season! I did have to go to Walmart to get the stick-on targets. They were $5 a pack and I only used half. Gerald uses these for target practice, so I "donated" the rest of the pack!

 I just stuck them down randomly on the paper and even off the edges some onto the tablecloth.

Plates, napkins and flatware all also came from Dollar Tree! The orange and blue are perfect matches for Nerf's color scheme, and the yellow just added a little pop of color. I have several of these tin buckets that I use to corral cutlery. They came from the dollar aisle at Target.

We enjoyed assorted sandwiches...ham, turkey and roast beef  on white and wheat breads.

I served lettuce,  tomato, cheese, mayo and (the infamous) mustard on the side.

Hot corn dip with tortilla chips was delicious and filling.

Buffalo dip with celery and carrots rounded out our meal.

Brack chose chocolate mint cupcakes for dessert this year. Green icing would have clashed with my color scheme so I kept the icing white but added peppermint extract. Yummo! I made the "target" cupcake picks.

Here's the invite in case you missed it. So that's the tablescape! I'll share a few recipes and pictures from the party over the next few days. Hope you liked it!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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