Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brack's Nerf Party...The Invitation

Brack recently turned 11. Unbelievable. I get excited about planning parties, but Brack REALLY gets excited. He starts talking about his next birthday party within days of his his last one! In fact, we have instituted a rule that says Brack can't start talking about his birthday until after Christmas. A lot of good that does!

So when I finally told Brack we could talk birthdays, he knew exactly what he wanted to do this year...a Nerf war party. I can do that!

Today, I'm sharing the invitation.

I began by cutting my base cards and top layer in white cardstock. 

I cut a middle layer for the card top in orange.

I ran it through my Big Shot using this embossing folder that looks a little like targets or a little like dings in a target.

Cute, huh? I like the texture.

Then I used some framelits to cut these rectangular cylinders in blue. 

I used this little 5/8" circle punch to cut the tips out of orange.

I gathered all my components. I like to work assembly style.

I began by folding my card base. It doesn't show up in the picture, but I had already scored them for easy folding.

I stamped the back with my personalized stamp.

I attached the textured orange layer with adhesive.

I found this bullet target on eBay. I think it was all of $1.99. I randomly stamped it on the top layer card with black ink. I like to go off the edge sometimes so it doesn't look too perfect.

I used adhesive to attach my top layer.

Next I clipped about 1/3 off of the circles.

I used adhesive to attach them to the bullet body.

I hand wrote "ready", "aim", and "fire" on them.

TIP - I printed the inside of the cards. A long time ago, I did all the math on the dimensions for these inserts. I have a master that I saved on my computer, and I open it and "save as" for each new project. All I have to do is change the wording with each new invitation.

Cut to size.

I cleaned my stamp and used yellow on the inserts to stamp a few more targets.

I love all my Stampin' Up products. I'm usually a generic or store brand buyer, although with some things (like mayo and catsup) I insist on buying name brands. Stamp pads are another. When I started with Stampin' Up, I thought I'd just get ideas and use my own stuff. Wrong. These are quality products and they are dye lot matched to their paper stock. Everything looks so professional when I use these products. Love, love, love Stampin' Up!

So there you have it! Brack's birthday party invite. Tomorrow is the tablescape. It's one of my favorites that I've ever done! You definitely want to see this.

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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