Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Miss Manners' Kite Party...The Invitation

Back in January I started planning a Spring party for our Miss Manners girls. Between my schedule and Nancy's, we were finally able to find a date that worked for both of us. With the party falling in the middle of April, I had plenty of time to plan. I decided on a "kite" theme.

Gerald loves to fly kites. Before we had kids, he'd fly a kite. Even now, when the kids don't want to, he'll go out on a breezy day and put one in the air. It doesn't take long for the kids to wander outside to help!

I wanted a very light and airy color scheme, so I went with this pale sky blue for the card.

I began by cutting an 8.5" x 11" piece of white card stock in half across the middle for the card base.

Next I cut the blue piece for the front. I usually like them smaller that the base card, so I cut it to measure 4" x 5.25".

Next, I cut out my clouds. I used "Cute Clouds" by Paper Smoochies. Here's the link to Amazon where you can get them.

I arranged them on the blue piece so it looked like they were floating.

I set aside the cloud cuts. I actually attached them to the cards and envelopes for a little more color.

I had this stamp made on Etsy and I use it to let people know that I hand made each invitation. I go ahead and stamp them before folding. It's easier that way.

I used "Kite Set with Bows" by Impression Obsession to cut out my kites. I found the best price for this set on eBay. Here it is. I used several different colors so I could mix and match my kites.

I took a few minutes to lay them out and mix colors before assembling.

I assembled the kite then attached the string before adhering the kite to the blue piece of card stock.

The bows were tedious! I finally figured out I needed to slide them across a glue stick.

The bows hold down the string nicely.

I like to work on one component at a time. Just works for me and seems to be faster than completing one complete card at a time.

Next I used black ink and a stamp that came in one of my Stampin' Up kits.

I applied it to the front of the blue piece.

The black really looked neat.

I used dimensional stickers to attach the blue card to the white card base.

This made it look like it was floating.

I took a cue from Mary Poppins for my invitation. I printed these on my computer and cut them to size. I then adhered some of the clouds to the inside.

I made a little more than two dozen of these since I was inviting Little Miss Manners girls and the older girls from Miss Manners.

I usually hand deliver the invites to our big Halloween party to save money, but for Miss Manners and birthday invitations, I always mail them. Children love getting mail!

Now that you've received your "invitation" to the party, I hope you'll be back tomorrow to see the tablescapes!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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  1. Oh my god! It was truly a fabulous Kite Party. Never have attended any kite theme party and really liked this idea. Would love to use this theme for my sister’s baby shower. Going to host this party at venues in NYC and this theme would be perfect.