Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lemon Cheesecake Fluffs

What better way to finish a Spring meal than with something light, fluffy and lemony?!

I have to admit, this dessert started off to be something totally different, but then morphed into what you see above. Apparently, I have a "thing" about unflavored gelatin. I didn't have any for the Raspberry Mousse I made for Valentine's Day, but it worked out fine. You can read about that here.

Well - genius here got into a recipe for Easter dessert and STILL didn't have any. I did have a package of lime jello in my pantry, which reminds me...have I ever shared my key lime cake recipe? I will do that soon! Anyway - lime jello is VERRRRRRY green, which would never work in a light lemon recipe, so I just rolled with what I have. And it worked!

Begin by crushing six sheets of graham crackers.

(Don't worry...I used my mallet on these before I pounded my chicken cutlets!)

Add three tablespoons melted butter and two tablespoons sugar to the graham cracker crumbs,

I made four servings in pretty individual custard cups for our dinner. Since we were leaving for Spring Break at the lake the next day, I made the rest in a small casserole dish for ease of transport. Sprinkle the crumbs in the bottom of the containers and gently press down.

OK - so neither the stock boy nor the manager knew where to find lemon curd at Winn Dixie, so let me save you some time. I found it on the aisle with the jellies and jams. At the top. Not with the pie filling. Warning - you will want to eat this stuff with a spoon. Refrain. You need it for the dessert.

I creamed a block of cream cheese and added the lemon curd. I also added about 30 drops of yellow food coloring.

Remove to a bowl and thoroughly wash and dry your mixer bowl.

Whip two cups of heavy whipping cream along with 1 cup of powdered sugar.

I forgot to take a picture of the next step. Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.

Also forgot to take a picture of me swirling it into the pretty glass cups! I used a pastry bag and large piping tip. You can see how it was done by reading my Raspberry Mousse post above.

I used what was left in my icing bag and squeezed it into the casserole dish. Then I used a spatula to get the rest out of the mixing bowl.

Smooth careful so you don't push the graham cracker crumbs around too much.

See? I didn't press hard. You can still see the piping layers.

I topped each one with a few crushed graham cracker crumbs. No sugar or butter in these.

It really tastes like a light lemon cheesecake...very fluffy! Therefore, I call it "Lemon Cheesecake Fluff"!

That wraps up our Easter dinner. If you missed my sweet bunnies and natural tablescape, here's a peek...

Or you can see the whole thing here.

Next I'll share what I made for Easter dinner at my parents' home. Broccoli and cheese casserole and an old fashioned carrot cake! Don't miss it!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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