Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Crafts

Today's post is a round up of all the crafts I made for my Mother/Son Valentine's party last weekend. I began working on these in mid-January, so it wasn't a last minute rush. Beware! There are TONS of pictures today. Probably more pictures than words!

What's Valentine's Day without hearts? I had boys in mind when I chose my color scheme, but I knew I had to throw in a few hearts here and there. These blue filigree paper doilies are made out of blue cardstock.

These are made with a metal die. You run them through a machine called a Big Shot and it "punches" them out. I paid about $5 for the die. I'm sure I'll use it all the time.

The first couple were pretty tedious. I used a small screwdriver to punch out the design because while it cut the shapes, they were hard to get out. On heart #3, I decided that it needed to be snugged in a little tighter as it ran through the Big Shot, so I stuck an envelope under the die, and it was just the right thickness to make the holes cut all the way through. The last ones were much easier!

Banners are all the rage right now.

You can have them say anything you want!

I found this "Banner Board" by We R Memory Keepers for about $12 on Amazon.

It cuts out three different shapes of banners...

in multiple sizes.

It really takes the guesswork out of all that measuring and cutting yourself.

I used a 2" letter set and navy ink to stamp the words.

So simple!

I already had the big scalloped circle punch. A white background makes the letters pop.

The banner board even has it's own hole punch.

This is so simple, y'all!

I keep rolls of various widths of twine. I used the thinner twine to tie the letters onto a thicker twin strand.

To make the confetti, I used a small 1/2" heart punch. With my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, I think it was about $2.

I used leftover scraps to punch the hearts. I did this while waiting for the kids at TKD!

I love the little blue jean pockets, don't you? Nothing says boys like denim, and these came mostly from jeans Brack had outgrown.

I cut them away from the blue jean legs (I saved the legs for another project one day), and then used my rotary cutter and a ruler to straighten the edges.

The little candy-shaped packages were filled with conversation hearts.

This is another punch board by We R Memory Keepers. Less than $10 on Amazon. I know I'll be using these again for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

You punch and score using the markings on the board. These can be made in any size.

Simply fold them along the score marks using the enclosed bone folder.

Secure with adhesive.

Pinch and fold in the corners to look like wrapped candy.

Secure with twine or ribbon.

As I said yesterday, I love decorating the backs of my chairs. I always hang stockings on them at Christmas since we don't have a mantle. I decided why wait until Christmas? There's lots of other things I can decorate them with!

I found the wooden hearts on Amazon, of course. 48 for about $8. I used them to trace the hearts on red and blue scrapbook paper.

Cutting these out was time consuming, but not hard. Again, I did it while watching the kids at TKD one night.

All I needed was a little Mod Podge...

Apply the Mod Podge to the heart. Use a good amount.

Apply the heart.


Allow the first side to dry.

Once they're dry (about an hour), apply Mod Podge on top. I made sure to have red on one side and blue on the other.

I wanted a little more yellow, so I took some votives from Dollar Tree that I already had and pulled out some yellow acrylic paint. I used a dauber to apply the polka dots, but you could really use your finger. It looks like that's what I did! A soak in hot water and some Windex and they're clean again.

That's it! I know it looks like a lot, but it wasn't expensive and I took my time working on everything in advance.

As I completed something, I added it to the box so it was all ready to go when it was time to set my tables.

Tomorrow I'll begin sharing some recipes with you. The food was boy-friendly, but still really yummy!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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