Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mini Dried Pumpkin Centerpieces

People naturally think of flowers when they are planning a centerpiece. But I don't have last minute access to affordable fresh flowers in Tallassee, unless they come from my yard! There are so many different things that can make an interesting centerpiece. Since pumpkins were my theme, I started looking around for different types of pumpkins. 

I had already bought several of the ornamental squash and baby pumpkins for Fall decorating, and with the painted resin pumpkins I showed you yesterday, I knew I wanted something really different. I jumped on Amazon and found these...

OK - so they're not really baby pumpkins. They're actually the bud/flower off a cheese tree. That's right folks...a CHEESE tree. I can't make this up. Check it out yourself!  Anyway - they look like dried baby pumpkins, and they were perfect for my centerpieces!

I had purchased the glass jars for the candy buffet for Jewell's 13th birthday party.

This bag of rocks came from Dollar Tree. I have lots of these on hand for use in indoor potted plants or for scattering down a table. They're pretty, cheap, and easier than finding them outside!

I also bought reindeer moss at Dollar Tree. They keep a large selection of floral supplies year round.

And of course, the baby pumpkins putka pods!

I didn't want to completely fill the jars, because I wanted some "empty" glass to catch the light, so I aimed to fill them a little over half way full. First, I gave them a quick wipe down with Windex, then began with a layer of rocks (the larger jars took a little more than a bag, the smaller jars a little less), a layer of moss and then I gently scattered the putka pods on top.

I think any time you put something under glass it makes it pretty and more interesting!

The older men sat at the kitchen table which is smaller than my dining room table. I used one jar on the kitchen table...

And three of varying sizes and shapes in the dining room.

I have still got these sitting on my tables. At some point this week, when I have a little time, I'll dismantle them and then put everything away to use again. It will just take a little time to separate the moss from the rocks and putka. I also plan to let the putka lay out overnight to dry just in case they absorbed any moisture. I don't want them to mildew.

Tomorrow I plan to show you how I made the swags for my chair backs and to accent the mirror in my dining room. See you then!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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