Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Keepsake Jewelry Christmas Ornaments

When my grandmother passed away, I got a big bag full of her costume jewelry. Nothing expensive. Just the everyday stuff she'd collected over the years. I had thought that Jewell might use it one day to play dress up, but my friends, Dennis and Nancy Itson, had a better idea. I gave the bag to Dennis, and this is what I got back...

Pretty and whimsical little Christmas ornaments!

He took the necklaces and earrings apart and sorted them by colors, then treated them as beads.

He placed them on wires and twisted the ends to be both decorative and to serve as hangers.

I look forward to decorating my trees each year because I love to think back to when and where we got each and every one of our ornaments. We have several trees. The one in the living room is where I hang my Fitz and Floyd collectible ornaments, as well as other "nature inspired" pretties. I know - unique combination, right? But it works!

The tree in the playroom holds the ornaments the kids made at school, along with ornaments we collect on vacations, or make at parties.

This tree is where we hang our Alabama and Auburn ornaments. Whichever team wins the Iron Bowl each year gets to hang higher on the tree!

This is the tree that also holds these special reminders of my grandmother.

I loved her dearly, and I smile when I see these pretty little baubles on my Christmas tree!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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  1. Love this!!! And I'm so glad you included a photo of you and your grandmother. Very sweet.