Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

I know Christmas is over, but New Year's Eve is just around the corner. Here is an idea for a thoughtful, yet inexpensive hostess gift.

I really believe in taking a hostess gift when I visit someone's home. It just shows them that you are aware of their time and expense and, most importantly, that you appreciate the invitation. Plus, it's just plain nice!

Often I'll take a jar of Daddy's honey or jam that I make during the summer. Sometimes I'll bake something, especially during the holidays.

This year, I had too much going on to spend a day in the kitchen baking, so I picked up several coffee cups from The Pioneer Woman's new collection at Walmart. They're just about $5 each and are absolutely beautiful. They say on the bottom that they're hand-painted.

I placed them in a cellophane treat bag with some pretty shredded paper and tied with a gold ribbon. Who wouldn't enjoy drinking her morning coffee from such a pretty cup?

I picked up the red cow coffee creamer for my friend that recently hosted our new cookbook club where we cooked Pioneer Woman recipes. She was so excited to get it! She has a white one that looks almost exactly like it. She said she has had it for over thirty years, and it's very sentimental to her. She's been afraid to use it in case it was broken. Now she can display that one and use this one!

Each gift was accompanied by one of my hand-made cards. But don't worry if you aren't into paper crafting or don't make your own cards. A simple hand-written note on stationary is always appreciated.

It's a great idea to keep little things like this on hand to use when you're invited to dinner or a party. If you keep a few things put back, you'll never show up empty handed! 

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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