Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Crafting Party

On Monday, I hosted a Christmas Crafting Party for Jewell and some of her friends. Jewell and I have been doing a lot of card making lately, and I thought her friends might enjoy trying their hand at it. I figured with Christmas right around the corner, they'd be needing some note cards on which to write thank yous for all the gifts they'll be receiving!

Here's a peak at what we made. Sweet, right?

I choose a floral motif and bright colors that I knew would appeal to the girls. Once I had my projects designed, the tablesetting came along easily.

I started by pulling out a pretty pink tablecloth we received as a wedding gift from Brother Carl Chandler. It meant a lot to me because I know he picked it out himself. Also - we became very close to him in the years before he died. He was a frequent guest in our home, along with his friend and my roomie/second grandmother, Elizabeth Wright Smith.

TIP - Pull out those wedding presents and use them! Especially when the gift giver will be a guest. Let them know how much you appreciate their gift and that you think of them when you use it!


I pulled out my glass apothecary jars and filled them with markers, crayons, and miscellaneous craft supplies like scissors and glue. I have used these for a candy buffet for Jewell's 13th birthday party and most recently, as centerpieces for our Thanksgiving table. These jars are so versatile! Anything you put in them looks festive and pretty!

All of our supplies for the projects were also displayed as part of the tablescape. I have about a dozen of these square glass containers. They came from Dollar Tree, and they're great for serving food as well as more mundane tasks like holding my toothbrush!

The pretty spools of baker's twine also came from Dollar Tree. Looks almost like candy, doesn't it?!

These little condiment bowls came from Dollar Tree, too. I use them when I'm cooking and also to hold condiments "on the side". They're great for organizing little things.

I gathered everything the girls would need to complete their projects and placed it on top of the pretty 12"x12" pieces of paper that I laminated several years ago to use as placemats for a Miss Manners party. I pull them out often to use as craft mats. They wipe down easily and help to protect my tablecloth, as well as give the girls a smooth working surface.

If you're wondering why there is a plastic knife at each place setting, it's for the girls to use as a bone folder. I have a couple, but I thought that each girl would need her own. It actually worked really well!


Here's another shot of the table setting.

I used a salad bowl to hold my stamps and sponges.

A three-sectioned dip bowl holds the stamp pads.

All the clear glass containers let the colorful supplies shine.

Even the sponges are pretty!

I purchased these party favors from my friend and Stampin' Up representative, Angie Brailsford. Aren't they cute? These "Grinch pills" are actually green Sixlets candy. Wonder what she did with all the other colors? !

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my Christmas Crafting Party table. Over the next few days, I'll share the project how-tos as well as some recipes for the refreshments I served!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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