Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bring in the Elves! Miss Manners Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from Miss Manners!

Earlier this month, we had our Miss Manners Christmas Party. We know how busy everyone is this time of year - including us! - so we decided to have it on a Sunday afternoon and invite both the older and younger girls. Nancy hosted at her home, and I helped.

Nancy has been collecting little elves for a few years, and they were the inspiration for her theme and tablescape. Traditional red and green were the foundation colors. Her white dining room furniture really popped against all the colors and patterns.

A white linen tablecloth was the foundation for her tablescape. She then used a roll of green wrapping paper with red, white and green dots as a table runner. Red and white "bandana-style" napkins added more texture and a pretty base for decorations such as ornaments, sherbet glasses filled with Christmas candies, and of course, more elves!

Each young lady received a gift bag with warm and fuzzy socks. They absolutely loved this!

Another view of the table with her beautifully decorated tree in the background.

She used pretty red chargers and a festive paper plate for each setting. Sparkly stuffed candy canes were hung on each chair.

Each little elf had his own personality!

The tree was decorated with more elves and one who seemed to have landed on top!

There were so many details to enjoy...

everywhere you looked!

Another view of her table gives you a sneak peek...

at the gorgeous Elf! inspired chalkboard, decorated by her daughter, Haley.

The refreshments were laid out on the sideboard near the dining room table. Pretty milk glasses with cheerful straws were ready for chocolate milk.

We enjoyed cookies and powdered sugar donuts, as well as pigs in a blanket.

Nancy also made these precious "hot cocoa" cookies!


The girls loved the hot cocoa bar.

Who doesn't love to add all these goodies to rich hot chocolate?

The girls have learned how to carefully (and selectively) fix their plates at a buffet.

They enjoyed the conversation as much as the decorations!

We had our lesson first, then enjoyed our refreshments.

Here's a closer look at the party favors.

Leave it to Head Elf Nancy, to come up with a quick and easy Christmas craft.

Each girl made a snowman ornament.

Nancy had already glued the buttons together, so the girls just had to add a hat and then tie on the scarf and hangers.

The crafts were simple, but were the perfect thing for a mixed group of ages to handle.

They were quite proud of their accomplishments!

After the crafts was done, we gathered in the living room to play Dirty Santa.

We drew numbers. These two were tickled with their selections!

Some of the presents drew excited gasps from the girls, and we had the "opportunity" to talk about good sportsmanship when gifts were stolen!

A stuffed bear is always a favorite surprise!

At the end of the party, we had a class picture.

So you may wonder why I am including a picture of a man's back - well, here's the "back" story! Dennis, Nancy's husband, pulled me aside when I got there about an hour before the party. He told me that he had taken it upon himself to call the Montgomery Advertiser the day before to tell them about our party. He felt people should know about what we do - not just for our hard work, but hopefully so others would be inspired to do the same in their churches. He knew Nancy wouldn't like the attention, and he really didn't think they'd show up...but he felt he needed to tell me just in case. Well - 15 minutes before the party, a reporter showed up! He stayed for the entire party and was really impressed! He took a ton of pictures which appeared that evening on their website, and then a couple of pictures were in the actual paper on Tuesday. When he came, Dennis let him in, while I broke it to Nancy! She did great after the initial shock wore off, and I'm happy to report, Dennis is still welcome to come home each day!

Well - that's it! I'm already planning our next party in February. I'll bet you can already guess my theme! 

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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  1. I can only imagine how excited the girls were to walk in and see such a fun and festive room waiting for them! Love the hot chocolate cookies! So many creative ideas.

    1. Thanks, Alinda! I love going to Nancy's home, too. It's just as exciting for me!