Monday, November 30, 2015

Glammed Up Pumpkins

The theme for my Thanksgiving tablescape this year was pumpkins, and it actually all began with some resin pumpkins I found back in September at the Dollar Tree. A little time and some paint, and Voila! Glammed up Dollar Tree pumpkins!

Here's the thing about Dollar Tree - it may still be summer when they put out their Fall decorations, but you have to be ready to snatch things up. If not - they're gone! So, I picked up a dozen of these a few months ago and just held on to them. (They do get more Christmas stuff than other seasons, so they still have a good bit, but don't dawdle! Go see what you can find!) 

I liked the texture, but the orange was a little too Halloween-y for me. And, as you can see below, they were lightly covered in glitter. I'm all for glitter, but it just didn't work for me on the orange. I wanted something a little more elegant, so I picked up some paint...

These acrylic paints sell for less than a $1 at places like Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I do think the gold was closer to $2, but that's OK. It took just a little so I have a lot left for another project one day.

I began by using a paint brush with just a little paint. The texture was almost like a net, and it caught the paint nicely without completely covering the orange and brown undercoat.

I gradually added more paint but tried to be careful not to make them solid white. These were the first two I did. I used a lighter hand on the rest, and I really liked the later ones best. I let them dry overnight so I could handle them easily, and then I used a small paintbrush to paint the stems and leaves gold.

The acrylic paint worked beautifully! I think they're very pretty and were just the right touch for each place setting. If it had been a more formal dinner, I would have probably made nametags and tied them with thin gold cording to the stem. 

So these were the little pumpkins that started it all! I've already packed them away, but I'm thinking of other ways to use them in the future. A dozen reusable pumpkins for about $15 all in! Not bad, huh?

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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