Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I HEART...Quick and Easy (and Cheap!) Fall Wreath

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OK - it's been pretty busy lately in our neck of the woods. I've been swamped with homeschool co-op organization, not to mention getting ready to start our own school, and I have to admit, a few things have gone undone. Plus, it's been so hot around here, we haven't spent a lot of time outside. 

Cooler temps and less humidity the last couple of days have gotten me pretty excited about spending a little time in the morning on my front porch! I've swept it, rinsed the summer dust off the rockers and even spruced up my planters. 

As I walked inside yesterday morning, I noticed I still had my Fourth of July wreath hanging on the front door. As you know, it's almost September, so I took 15 minutes this morning on a little makeover for my front door. I had the supplies, I just hadn't taken the time to pull it all together. Even I was surprised at how quick and easy it was!

I began with this wooden "J" I had bought a while back for Jewell's room. I never used it (more importantly, I never told her it was for her room!), and it got stuck behind the armoire in my bedroom. I found it the other day when I was cleaning! It was originally $40 at Hobby Lobby, but had been marked down to $19.99 which I got on 70% off clearance for a total of $6! I had Jewell paint it for me yesterday with acrylic paint. Wish I could tell you what the paint is called, but since I didn't have the exact color I wanted, I mixed one part "Vanilla Ice Cream" with two parts "Wicker White". The acrylic paint came from my stash, so no cost!

Next I pulled out some burlap ribbon and bows I got at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago when they were 50% off. The wider one has a pretty cotton lace already attached to the burlap. I paid $3 for the roll. The smaller one is actually a trim, and all I used it for was to tie my bow, and then it got covered up, so I don't think I'll add it into the overall price. However, FYI, I paid $1.50 for it and it now goes into my stash for another day, another project, as does the leftover flowers (for which I paid $2.50) and the 18 inches or so of leftover lace/burlap ribbon.

Several years ago, my mother found me this EZ bowmaker at a yard sale for a couple of dollars. I have used it a lot over the years. This bow took a little longer than usual, only because of the thickness of the ribbon. I was a little harder to keep it all flat.

I used the burlap trim to tie off my bow, although I could have used bread ties or really anything. I tied it tightly, then took some time arranging the loops and getting it just right.

Next I used the tails from the burlap trim to tie the bow onto the wreath. As you can see, she didn't paint the back, although she did paint the sides.

I finished it off by hot gluing the burlap flowers over the bow knot and also on a couple of other spots on the wreath. I like the non-symmetrical groupings of odd numbers.

There you have it! My $12 wreath that took less than 15 minutes to complete. Not bad for a morning's work, huh?!

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