Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Sewing School - June 2015

I'm not quite sure why, but for some reason, I have yet to blog about Summer Sewing School. We kicked off our 2015 season last Thursday night, and it was a total success! Nancy Itson and I came up with the idea a while back and this is our third year of what we refer to as SSS (Summer Sewing School). The first year we had four nights of classes. Last year there were three. This year we are just doing two nights, but we are doing multiple projects on each night.

Before I proceed, I have to introduce you to my lovely assistant, Possum Kitty. It never fails. Lay out a project, turn around for one second, and there he is. Ready to "help". I'm not kidding when I tell you I had to move him off my fabric a dozen times while I was putting kits together!

We had a total of 13 girls in attendance, ranging in age from 1st to 6th grade. For many, this was their third year of SSS. Before we started the projects, I took a moment to show them what we'd be doing that night and to review some basics we'd already learned.  

We hold class in the "Fireplace Room" at University church of Christ, where Nancy and I attend. We had arrived early to set up our machines, and I had laid out all the supplies on a table for the girls to see.

Our volunteers set up their machines around the room and were available to help the young ladies with their projects.

Now that Mama is retired, she signed on to help, too.

While some volunteers helped with machine work, other provided valuable services such as helping to sew on buttons and prep ironing for the bookmarks.

I ended up manning the hot glue gun station.

A veteran student has learned so much that she now has her own machine, which she brought to use. A pink Janome, of course!

One of the young ladies displays her work from the evening: two bookmarks and a pincushion jar.

Here we are at the end of the night, with each student proudly holding her creations! We had a ton of fun and are already looking forward to our next class in July.

Check back in over the next couple of days as I share how to make the mason jar pincushions and the easy sew bookmarks.


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