Friday, June 19, 2015

Miss Manners Meets Southern Lady

Miss Manners, meet one of my favorite magazines, Southern Lady.
Southern Lady, please meet the sweet girls of Miss Manners!

Miss Manners

I'm just tickled pink to tell you all that Miss Manners is being featured on the Southern Lady blog today! A while back, I introduced you to my dear friend, Melissa Lester. Melissa is an associate editor at Victoria magazine and I got to tour where she works at Hoffman Media last fall when I went to Birmingham for a Girls' Night Out.

Melissa shared the details of Miss Manners with the editors of some of the sister magazines at Hoffman, and the associate editor at Southern Lady, Annalise DeVries, asked to do a special on Miss Manners on their blog! You can read the article here.

I discovered Southern Lady over 15 years ago when I was collecting ideas for my wedding. It was a brand new publication back in 1999, but I could tell even then that it had legs. It is such a beautiful magazine and I am always inspired by what I see in its pages.

You can imagine my delight in having my group featured in their series on etiquette! I hope you'll hop on over and take a look. There's a lot of great inspiration just waited to be discovered!


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