Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mason Jar Pincushions

Everyone knows it's all about the tools. You can't sew without straight pins, so we decided to outfit our budding young seamstresses with their own pins and pincushion! Our first project of the 2015 Summer Sewing School (SSS) was to make a Mason jar pincushion.

I found this cute dahlia print fabric at Joann's. It was bright and cheery and I since it had three different colored flowers, I knew one piece of fabric gave us a variety of options. I measured a circle about an inch wider than the jar lid, and began to trace around the flowers which I then cut out. We had thirteen girls signed up for the class, but I cut out about ten of each flower color so they could choose their favorite. As I told you, as soon as I start a project, Possum Kitty shows up. Moral support, I guess!

Next I hot glued the fabric circle to the jar lid, being careful to use the rubber gasket as a guide. Don't go any further in than the orange rubber. You want to have plenty of room to stuff the pincushion. I glued around about three-fourths of the lid and then stopped, allowing myself space to stuff. Using fiberfill, stuff the pincushion as tightly as you can so it will support the pins and needles.

Once it was stuffed, I finished hot-gluing the fabric to the lid. As you glue, use your thumbnail to press the fabric into the glue and the little rim around the edge of the lid so it will hold better. Set it aside and allow it to dry.

I've just joined a Stampin' Up hostess club, and I've been stocking up on supplies. I used my "Label Love" stamp set and my "Artisan Label" punch and made these cute tags so the girls could be sure to keep up with their pincushion.

I went ahead and put straight pins, safety pins and hard candy into each jar and had all the other supplies ready to go before class.  All the girls had to do to finish the pincushion was to hot glue a piece of 1/2" ribbon around the jar ring and then cover the ribbon join with a dot of hot glue and a coordinating button. Then they wrote their name on their tag and attached it with a piece of jute cording. Done!

Pretty cute, huh? We asked the girls to bring their pincushions back to the next class in July so they can use them. If they don't use them before then!

Later this week I'll give you a quick tutorial on the Easy Sew Bookmarks we made. Hope to see you then!


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