Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Girl's Guide to Glamping

Yesterday I told you about my recent rash (pun intended!) of camping trips. The camp we were at this last week was definitely the most rural, but by the time we were done, our cabin was the place to be! As word got out about our kicked up digs, girls and counselors alike started to stop in to see what we had done!

As I said, I had three other wonderful ladies in the cabin with me. Debra and Dana are veterans, and they took care to really show me and Gina (another novice) the ropes. They came prepared and together, we quickly transformed our hilltop villa. (That's travel guide talk for a wooden box on stilts a good 50 yards up from the bathhouse!)

We began by running tube lights around the top of the cabin. There were already lots of nails in the walls, so we tried to go with what was already there. The girls were happy to climb up on their bunks to string the lights for us.

As I mentioned, Debra had given the girls a goodie bag the first day, and these balloon boppers were included. After they had fun playing with them a little while, we hung them from the ceiling.

One of the counselors had brought a lot of scrap fabric and we used it for decorating as well as for making capes on "Super Hero Day". Here it is combined with lengths of paper towels (yep, paper towels!) to make a sweet divider between the girls' and counselors' areas. That's rainbow print duct tape we used for curtain tie-backs!

One of the cabin checkers was a youth minister who LOVES batman...he wears a different batman t-shirt everyday! One of the counselors had a batman blanket in the car. We used thumb tacks and dental floss to hang it from the ceiling to make a changing room for the girls. (MacGyver's got nothing on us!) The bows on top are also made of paper towels!

The piece de resistance was a chandelier made from a hula hoop and Christmas icicle lights! It was actually breath-taking at night when the only lights were it and the tube lighting. It also helped the girls to transition toward sleep each evening as we wound down from the day.

I had a wonderful time last week! The Bible classes were incredible, the food was delicious, I made some wonderful new friends AND got to get to know these precious young ladies! 

I can no longer claim to be a camping novice. I have been through the (camp)fire and come out eating S'mores! In fact, I have already signed up for next year. I've already started collecting ideas on Pinterest...


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