Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I HEART...Easy Rope-Accented Flower Vases

Our Neck of the Woods is now pinnable!

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Today I wanted to share with you a simple little craft that packs a lot of punch! I made these three rope-accented flower vases in less than 30 minutes. They were the perfect centerpiece for my Mother's Day luncheon last Sunday. I've seen a similar idea before, so it's not original with me. But it sure was easy!

I began with a fluted rose bowl from Dollar Tree and a roll of jute rope from Hobby Lobby which just happened to be half off!

These vases are shaped like fishbowls, but technically, it's a fluted rose bowl, meant to hold flowers. I like using these because the flared and ruffled edges allow the flowers to spread naturally and it actually makes them a little easier to arrange.

I began by hot-gluing the rope, starting at the bottom, into the little groove at the base of the vase. The rope is 6mm and it fit perfectly into the groove. I left the tape on the end of the rope so it wouldn't unravel. You can't see it anyway, can you? I would place about 3 inches of hot glue on the vase and then lay the rope down into it gently. It dries almost immediately on the glass, so don't get ahead of yourself. Also - I laid the rope side to side as I went around so that you couldn't see through, but not so tight that it buckled. I let the rope unwind from the roll by my side while I worked so the rope wouldn't untwist.

Here you can see better that the rope is not too tightly wound. I think it accents the rope when just a little light can be seen between the wraps.

So to be honest, I figured a 15 yard roll would be enough to cover a vase. It wasn't. But then I thought it might look cool to end it around the middle, so as I got closer to the end, I stopped gluing and tied a knot about an inch from the end. Then I glued up to the knot. Once it was dry, I took the tape off the end of the rope. I think it looks pretty cool! And I didn't have to try to start a new strand of rope and worry about it not looking seamless.

For the floral arrangements, I purchased a $9.99 bundle of orange Alstroemeria from Costco on Friday and picked rosemary from my flowerbed on Sunday. I had to put the flowers in a vase of water up on top of my china cabinet to keep Possum (the cat) away. He loves fresh cut flowers, and whenever I put them out, he will hop up on the counter or table and chew on them. Besides the mess and mangled flowers, it's not safe. Luckily, he left them alone way up high!

Here's my rosemary bush outside my front door. I love to smell it at night when a breeze is blowing or right after it rains. Rosemary is by far my favorite herb, and I cook with it a lot. But I've also found that I like to add it to floral arrangements. It fleshes them out, adds texture and smells divine! (That's a bird's nest you see in the bottom left.)

I divided the bouquet of Alstroemeria into thirds and cut 15 long springs of rosemary - five per arrangement. A decorator once told me to group things in odd numbers, so three arrangements, five springs of rosemary...

I trimmed the stems to fit the bowl, making sure to keep them long and not trim away too much at one time. Too short and they won't stay in the bowl. Once I had placed the Alstroemeria, I went back and tucked in the rosemary. That's it!

So with the rope being half off (on sale for $1.50 a roll) and the rose bowls coming from Dollar Tree, I only spent $2.50 per vase!

Alstroemeria will last two or three weeks if you keep it cool and out of sunlight. If it starts to look a little sad, change your water and re-trim the stems. It'll pick right back up. The color was the perfect shade to match my tablescape, and I think Alstoemeria looks like azaleas, the quintessential Southern flower, so it was perfect for my elegant Southern tablescape.

I sent one vase of flowers home with my mother, who has recently retired. I knew she would enjoy them for a couple of weeks. I have the other two still on my dining room table. Possum hasn't chewed on them, luckily, but he has been napping on the table close to them. I think he likes the rosemary, too!

Tomorrow, I'm gonna share the recipe for sausage and shrimp etouffee. Ummm...I still think there's a little left in the fridge. See y'all...


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