Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Miss Manners Garden Party

Nothing says Spring like a garden party. And what's better than one garden party? A pair, of course!

Nancy and I decided to host parties last Saturday for both the younger and older Miss Manners groups. I think we decided it might be easier to do it all in one day instead of tying up two Saturdays. (We may have quite possibly been out of our minds when we made that decision, but never the less) we planned, prepared and pulled off two parties in one day! Over the next week or so, I'll share highlights of both parties. 

We began the day at Nancy's home with a gathering for the younger group (1st-3rd grades). Nancy's invitation was precious. Her handmade cards are little works of art and such fun to receive. I know I was excited to get mine!

When the girls arrived, they found the carport set up with gardening supplies.

A potting station was set up and each girl had a pot,
gardening gloves and a sweet flower headband waiting for them!

Nancy's husband, Dennis, taught them how to handle the roots and the basic care of potted plants.

The girls each potted a marigold
and made a plant stake for their pot.

They really enjoyed getting their hands in the dirt!

Thanks to the gloves, there was minimal mess,
and after a quick hand wash, we moved inside for our lesson.

In keeping with the potting we just did, we talked about the importance of strong roots and focused on Colossians 2:7 which reads: "Let your roots grow down into Him and draw up nourishment from Him. See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught." (Yes, that's me - with my mouth open! As usual!)

After our lesson, we gathered in the dining room for lunch.

Nancy had prepared a box lunch for the girls which included flower-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit kabobs and butterfly-shaped pretzels. Lemonade and Oreo dirt cakes in flower pots rounded out the meal.

The girls chatted away as they enjoyed the company of friends!

I know you're wondering what was on the chalkboard behind the girls! It is always appropriately decorated for each and every party.

Dennis and Nancy's super talented daughter, Haley Scott, had decorated it for Easter and it worked beautifully for this Spring party as well!

As usual, I got distracted and forgot to take a group picture! I also wish I had taken a shot of what they got to take home. The cute green and white lunch baskets later served as a treasure chest for each girl as Nancy loaded it with their potted marigold, gardening gloves, headband and a packet of seeds.

We were lucky to have such a beautiful day for the party. We actually finished a little early and so Dennis took the girls on a tour of the yard. It was a garden party, after all!

Check back later this week for a peak at Dennis and Nancy's beautiful yard and the fun the girls had exploring it!


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