Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day Craft Brunch

It's been a while since our Miss Manners groups have met, so Nancy and I decided to get things going again with a joint party for both age groups. Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect day for a party, and Nancy had been collecting crafting ideas, so we planned a Valentine's Day Craft Brunch at her home. (Not sure what Miss Manners is all about?  You can read more here.)

Nancy and I work so well together on parties. We both love to host and we know what is involved in throwing a big party, so when one of us hosts the party in our home, the other really helps out. Nancy did most of the planning for this party and all of the decorating. I helped with food and did the lesson.

Nancy has this big, beautiful chalkboard in her formal dining room. It sure comes in handy. (Note to self: Find space for a chalkboard!) Anyway - we decided that Valentine's Day means love, and hearts signify love. And since we always try to have a lesson for the girls at each party, we decided to go with the theme, "Create in me a clean heart, O God," from Psalm 51:10.

She chose soft pinks and browns for her color palette,
and it went beautifully with the Valentine's Day theme!

In order to accommodate all the girls, she decorated her
kitchen table as well as the one in the dining room.
They coordinated perfectly. 

For brunch, we had mini ham and cheese biscuits with grape or apple jelly, fresh strawberry, pineapple and blueberry salad, petite cinnamon rolls and tiny cupcakes for dessert. We also served milk, orange juice and chocolate milk to drink.

These girls always have an appetite at our parties, and I think breakfast is one of everyone's favorites!

After brunch, we met in the living room so Nancy could tell the girls about the different crafts we would be completing. I took that opportunity to clear the tables.  

The girls started by making tags with their names and flowers on them. They then tied these to bags that were at each place setting. As they finished their projects, they were able to slip each one in their own bag to take home at the end of the party. By the way - Nancy used rolls of brown craft paper as the tablecloths. Isn't she smart?

Next, they wrote our "clean heart" theme scripture on a pretty little piece of paper and rolled it up. They then inserted them into a glass bottle and corked it. Jewell has her's on her nightstand.

Nancy had already prepared everything they needed to make pretty cards. All they had to do was arrange the art the way they liked it and glue it all together! Many of the girls took a moment to write a thank you note to Nancy using the card they made and gave it to her before leaving. They're practicing their good manners already!

The last craft for the day was the clean heart station. How do you keep your heart clean? Bubble baths, of course! (Seriously, we did talk about how to keep our hearts pure during our lesson.)

The girls made bath sundaes. The "ice cream" was lavender scented Calgon, while the "whipped cream" was a brightly colored bath pouf! Getting the sundae cups was quite an ordeal. I ordered some off Amazon, but what they sent was not what we were expecting. After numerous calls to Dairy Queen, I guess the sweet little manager felt sorry for us and just donated the cups. Thank you, Ma'am!

Here's what each young lady ending up making and taking home. Sweet, don't ya' think?

Even though we had girls present from 1st-7th grades, everyone ended up having a great time! Nancy and I are privileged to work with these young ladies. We have big plans for them this year!


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