Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pillow cases and rope swings!

As promised, I'm back this week to show you the rest of the "Pancakes and Pajamas" party I hosted for the older Miss Manners girls about two weeks ago.  I've already shared the details for the table scape below.
At each party we try to have a short lesson in etiquette.  We usually do this right after we eat, while the girls are still seated at the table.  We have covered subjects like RSVPing to a party, how to introduce people and being on our best behavior.  This time, I talked to the girls about how to behave at slumber parties.  We stressed things like keeping all our things together and not making messes and also respecting our friends' privacy when it comes to their personal belongings.  I also stressed to the girls that it was not usually a good idea to bring phones, ipads, etc., unless told to do so.  It is important to be part of the party and engaged in what the hostess has planned, not what someone has posted on Facebook.  We also addressed what you should do it you got sick (or homesick) while at a friend's house.
Each young lady received a notebook at our first meeting, and they get handouts at each party to add to their book.  This way, they can share with their mother what they learned as well as build their own etiquette handbook!
As I mentioned, the theme for this party was "sleepover etiquette".  While there is usually not a lot of sleeping taking place at slumber parties, pillows do see a lot of action when it comes to curling up to watch movies or epic pillow fights!  So, I thought a fun craft would be to decorate pillow cases.  I set up my kitchen table for our craft area.
Since we were going to be using permanent fabric markers, I bought a white plastic tablecloth at The Dollar Tree for - you guessed it! - a buck.  While I was there, I found this beautiful wrapping paper.  It was a multi-colored chevron pattern on craft paper, and it was perfect for a table runner.  And yep, it was a dolla'!  Holla'!  I also found the pillowcases there.  I purchased the fabric pens from Hobby Lobby (and used my 40% off coupon!).  Since the pillow cases were a little thin, I gave each girl a file folder to open up and put inside to keep the pens from bleeding through.   

The girls had a ball decorating their pillow cases.  Some wrote "Miss Manners" and the date and just had the other girls sign it.  Others really got into the process.  Some girls spent 30 minutes decorating their pillowcases!
Some of the more serious artists decided to get comfortable while they worked!
I think they turned out great and will be a wonderful memento of the party as well as of their friendships with the other girls.
As they finished their craft, they began to wander outside.  Where two or more tweens are gathered, you know there's gonna be a cheerleading stunt.  (That's my kid on top.  I begged her not to fall until I snapped the shot!)
Then they headed down the hill to the rope swing.  Yes, in their pajamas.  And no, most of them didn't wear their shoes.  And, yes, we live in the country, so absolutely...they were filthy!  But they had fun!   
Before they started leaving, we posed for a group picture.  Usually I'm behind the camera, so it's not often I get to be in a picture!  That's my side-kick, Nancy Itson, on the other side. 
Again, I want to say a special thank you to my sweet friend, Melissa Lester, who was the second shooter for this party.  I have used several of her photos in the these two posts (obviously including the shots I was in!).  Please take a moment to visit her blog, A Little Loveliness.  It is absolutely beautiful and you will be inspired by her creativity and gracious style.
This is such a wonderful group of young ladies!  I'm honored to be able to work with them.  Until next time, be sure to mind your manners, y'all!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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  1. Great idea! I would have never thought to teach manners for a sleepover. I can remember several sleepovers from when I was little where manners would have been a good thing! ;)