Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I HEART...Errands! Wait, what?!

Everybody loves Wednesday, right?
The week's half over.  The weekend is on the way.
What's not to love?
Each Wednesday, I want to share something with you
that I absolutely love and can't live without! 
I love Errands!  Not doing them, mind you.  And if you're like me, you have a To Do list as long as your arm.  Well, I have found an app that I app-solutely love!  It's called "Errands", although it really should be called something like "the absolutely best free app for creating and managing your ongoing to do lists and reminders so that your life will run as smooth as silk" or something like that.  And did I mention, it's FREE!  Anyway - here's what it does.
Download the app and then you can set up multiple lists for ongoing tasks or a list for one-time jobs.  You can set the items to repeat in any number of ways - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  You can also set a due date if you'd like.  It will pop up on your daily list and stay there until you check it off.  Then it goes away until the next time you need to be reminded!
Here is a (not so clear, sorry!) screen shot of one of my lists:
Obviously, this is where I have made a list of monthly bills to be paid and when they are due.  Once I pay them, they go away until next month!
You can also set the badge notification to show you how many items are on your list for the day.  See the big check mark on the bottom row in the middle?  I only have 80 things on my list today! 
It also keeps a running list of "overdue" items that you haven't checked off yet, so if you don't get around to it (what, not complete every item on my list every day?), it hangs around as a nagging little reminder that you weren't quite as efficient as you needed to be yesterday...or last week...OK - so maybe it does mock you a little, but stuff still needs to get done, right?
I highly recommend this app if you are a list maker and you have your iPhone or iPad with you most of the day, and seriously, who doesn't?


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