Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I HEART...Deer Season


Everybody loves Wednesday, right?
The week's half over.  The weekend is on the way.
What's not to love?
Each Wednesday, I want to share something with you
that I absolutely love and can't live without! 
I'm sure you're probably scratching your head right now wondering why I love deer season, right?  Well, let me explain.  I'm not a hunter, but Gerald is.  And so is Jewell.  And Brack.  And they hunt about two hours south of here in Georgiana where Mimi (formerly known as my Mama) grew up.  So why do I love deer season?  Three out of four people that live in my house (and I'm not one of 'em) travel four hours round trip once a week for nearly three months.  You do the math!  That's a lot of Mommy time!

And to be honest, while I'm enjoying time to decorate for the holidays, knock out some Christmas shopping, cook what I want to eat (or not cook at all!) and just generally unwind, they're having a blast sleeping in a camper, fishing, hunting and eating out of gas station.  (YooHoos and Slim Jims, anyone?)  It's a win-win situation!

There's a lot of preparation leading up to deer season.  Before we had kids, Gerald would dump out all his hunting gear (and trust me, there is a LOT of it) in the middle of the living room floor and then handle each and every piece lovingly as he repacked it.  No joke.  Now that we have kids, it's not nearly as enjoyable or relaxing.  It takes both of us to get everything thrown into tubs that will fit on his trailer.

A couple of weekends before opening day, Gerald takes time to sight in the guns.  Now that the kids are older, they can help.  I even do a little target practice myself!
You won't see a lot of pictures of me in the blog because I'm usually behind the camera, but I thought I should add this one so people would believe me!  And if you zoom in, you'll see there's only one shot that didn't hit the kill zone!
My red-headed stranger getting in some target practice.
Brack and his buddy, Chase, showing off their results.
Jewell, the deer slayer!
(Yep!  The prissy, "little Missy" has killed three!) 

Ain't she cute?

Even Madison, Jewell's BFF, got in on the action!

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago on an absolutely beautiful fall day.  The kids had their buddies spend the day and they did everything from drive the go-cart, to target practice, to Crazy Loom, to girls vs. guys in basketball!  We made homemade pizzas for dinner and then roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate by the fire pit.

Well - it all paid off.  The opening day of gun season is not until this weekend, but last weekend was Youth Hunt in Alabama.  Gerald and the kids had a lot of fun and while Brack missed one, he brought home the bacon venison with this big guy! 
And yes, I will let him hang it on his bedroom wall.  He's my baby, after all!  His Daddy is not so lucky...I'm staring up at his trophy buck as I type at the computer, way in the back of the house in the office!
I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!
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  1. Would love to have some recipes with the deer meat! My husband is hunting for the first time this year and I have no clue what to do with all the meat.

    1. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for the comment. I'll add some venison recipes as I cook them. Just FYI - I really only like it two ways. Cube steak and the tenderloin/back strap fried with gravy. Gerald has them leave the tenderloins and back strap whole. Most of the meat he has made into cube steaks. He gets the rest in hamburger that he uses to make jerky. I don't care for the roasts. Oh - he'll also have a few "Steaks" cut that he will throw on the grill. Just saying that I always remind him to request mostly cubed steak. I'll do the recipe for you soon.