Friday, March 23, 2018

Mixing Bowls Cookbook Club Tablescape #1...February 2018

I recently hosted my cookbook club. It's called the "Mixing Bowls Cookbook Club", and we meet every other month. We choose a theme for everyone to cook from, and then we sign up to bring different dishes. The theme for dinner that night was slow cooker or instapot favorites.

I wasn't sure exactly how many would be attending, so I set both my dining room and kitchen tables. Today I'm showing you the tablescape from the dining room.

I am endeavoring this year to use what I have to decorate my tables. I have lots I have never used, and it's always fun to reuse something in a totally new way. So, some of this you've seen, and some you haven't.

I began with a white linen tablecloth...

then added this runner I made several years ago. I have used it twice before - both times for baby showers! I love how cheerful it is. I have two of these. 

Next I used blue placemats I found at Walmart last summer for .99 cents each. They are a true navy.

I don't think you've seen these dinner plates yet. I found them a while back at a thrift shop for $1 each. They are by Nikko and are just called "Classic White". I have eight dinner plates and eight bowls. All together, I paid $12.

I like the juxtaposition of the white octagonal plate and the round navy placemat.

Then I repeated the circle of the placemat with these cute little salad plates. They are by Gibson, and I think the pattern name is "Bella". I paid .25 cents each for these at a thrift store. I have eight. 

These stems are Libbey "Gibraltar" in dusky blue. I got these at the thrift store, too, and paid about $25 for about 12 glasses.

My table was set. Next I had to decide on my centerpiece. I have quite a collection of cookbooks. I went and pulled a few that would coordinate with the table runner and fanned them out a little.

We are the "Mixing Bowls" cookbook club, so I knew I needed to use my white ceramic mixing bowls. I keep these on my counter next to the stove, and they are always filled with onions and garlic. I decided that onions were the perfect centerpiece! I did clean them up a little by pulling off the loose skins.

I always like to have a candle or two on my table, and this navy lantern votive holder was just the thing. It repeated my navy accent color while adding some interesting shape.

I finished off with green napkins I made several years ago for St. Patrick's Day, if I remember correctly. You see these a lot. The flatware is what I got from my parents when I got my first apartment over 25 years ago! It is "Margate" by Pfaltzgraff. It wasn't expensive, but it is quality stuff, and it's held up so well.

Here's a full view of my table.

While I don't have to have fresh cut flowers for every table, I do like a little greenery to add an organic touch. We had a brief warming spell in February, and my camellias sent out some shoots. I happened to be doing my Spring pruning the weekend before, so I just cut a few branches and placed them in water. The white Kate Spade pitcher is so crisp and clean against the stripes and dark green of the branches. I found it new with tags for $7 at a thrift store.

I've used these colorful striped table runners before. Here it is last summer in a snail-themed baby boy shower my mother and I hosted for my sister-in-law's sister-in-law. They're so versatile because they have just about every color in the rainbow!


Check back soon for the tablescape from my kitchen table.

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Tablescape 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Welcome to my green tablescape. This one just makes me happy! I wrote this post on Saturday (St. Patrick's Day), but I'm just now putting it up. Hope you enjoy it!

I wanted to focus on green for St. Paddy's Day, but not get too literal. This scrap was leftover from Brack's nursery. I made pillows out of this over twelve years ago! It's been sitting in my stash just waiting to be used. It has some green, but the blue and yellow keep it from looking too theme-y.

Green placemats from Dollar Tree match perfectly. I got these several years ago, but Dollar Tree carries these from time to time in different colors. 

Next I layered these woven chargers. I can't remember where or when I got them...long, long ago, somewhere. But every time I use them, Gerald jokes about "passing the plate" at church. Oh, well. The color and texture is perfect in breaking up the blues and greens. 

I only have four of these plates. I got them for a $1 each a couple years ago. They are Johnson Brothers, but I don't have a pattern name. The style is called a "chop plate".

These apple green salad plates are "Rise" by Rachel Ray. They are one of the few things I've ever paid full price for! I bought four several years ago and liked them so much I bought four more. The wide white rim looks so nice with the white dish below.

This blue tea glass is "Gibraltar" by Libbey in dusky blue. I also have matching stems. I got about 12 of these for $25 at a thrift store. Adding a little blue breaks up the green.

I made these green napkins a few years ago for St. Patrick's Day, and I use them all the time. The brown wood bead napkin rings were .25 cents each at a yard sale.

Here's an aerial view. Doesn't that just make you smile? I'm so ready for Spring!

Closeup of a place setting.

This plant usually sits in a tray on my living room coffee table. I just grabbed it because it added height and an organic touch. Cut flowers are fine, but I like to use what I have or something that will last more than a week. 

The blue-patterned votive holders came from Dollar Tree a couple years ago. I think I got them for Brack's birthday party one year. It was an orange and blue Nerf-themed party. Check it out by clicking here.

The green tea light holders are also from Dollar Tree, I think. I've had them quite a while. The brown twig "orbs" are from Hobby Lobby. They get moved around a lot and used whenever I need an organic element.

You can see my "Leaping Leprechauns" seasonal hutch decor in the background. I love changing this up each month.

Even though I set four places, my sweet girl is at the beach right now, so there will just be three of us tonight. However, the blue and green tablescape is perfect not just for St. Patrick's Day, but for my two favorite boys who I'll be dining with tonight! 

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Leaping Leprechauns!...March 2018 Seasonal Hutch Decor

I know it's mid March already, and I'm a little late sharing my March hutch decor. It's been done since March 1st. I've just been so busy! I set my table this morning for out St. Patrick's Day dinner tonight, and photographed that, so I snapped some shots of the hutch as well.

Here's a sneak peak of our table for this evening. I'll share it in more detail soon.

I picked up the little leprechaun's tag at Joann's back in February when they were on sale half off. I already had the leprechauns from last year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love these green salad plates. They are "Rise" by Rachel Ray. They are one of the few things I've paid full price for! I bought them several years ago when I needed some green. I love the thick white rim that picks up on my whiteware.

This little guy managed to get caught! I have several of these glass cloches. They're just the right size to contain these mischievous little guys! They also work nicely on these small little plates I found for .25 cents back in December. 

I love the Irish Blessing. I filled the white IKEA tray with gold coins from Dollar Tree.

I've moved things around a little from the way it was displayed last year. You can check that out here. It looks a lot different since I've also repainted the used to be red.

You can also check out how I made the green garland by clicking here. It's super easy and used up a lot of ribbon I already had.

I'm headed back to the kitchen to start my corned beef for tonight. It's Brack's favorite! I'll share details of my tablescape with you tomorrow. Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Individual Brownie Trifles

So this isn't really a recipe as much as a teaser. Or perhaps a challenge. You MUST make these. And they're so simple. These individual brownie trifles were the dessert for our family Valentine's Day dinner last month.

I simple made a pan of brownies the night before. (BTW - I only buy Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix. In my opinion, there is no other.) Then I cut them into small, bite-sized pieces. I had a bowl of these ready to make assembly easier. I also had a bowl of fresh raspberries and some homemade whipped cream.

The clear coffee mugs are from Dollar Tree. I had these in my stash already.

I simply placed a few chunks of brownie in the bottom of the mug followed by raspberries. Then I used a piping bag to get the whipped cream down in there without making a mess on the sides of the mugs. Repeat. I sprinkled some brownie "crumbs" on top.

Chocolate, raspberries, whipped cream. The end. Amen. Yum...

I'm so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods!

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